We know costs will be the barrier for many potential members. As a result, we have built three different membership tiers. Please keep in mind, the offerings and pricing are subject to change.

  • Base Plan: With the lowest monthly membership plan at $39 a month, you can make requests to a trained family or friend and stream video and your location details from your smartphone’s camera.

  • Spot Plan: At the mid-level plan at $129 a month, we provide you with a personal pair of smart glasses. You will also have 200 minutes access time each month to an Aira agent, based on availability.

  • Preferred Plan: With plan at $199 a month, we will provide with a personal pair of smart glasses, 400 minutes with an agent. Unlike the Spot plan, you are guaranteed to have an agent on the line within 10 seconds after making a request.

  • Partner Plan: At this plan, you get everything the Preferred plan offers, but with one catch: you have unlimited time with an agent. Contact support@aira.io for more information on pricing.

With all plans, you will have option to purchase additional agent time.