1. None: Device is powered off
  2. Red Flashing: Low battery
  3. Red Solid: Device or Sim Error
Connection States
  1. Green Flashing: GPRS/EDGE service is available
  2. Green Solid: Connected to GPRS/EDGE network
  3. Blue Flashing: UMTS service is available
  4. Blue Solid: Connected to UMTS network
  5. Violet Flashing: HSDPA service is available
  6. Violet Solid: Connected to HSDPA network


  • The LED indicator may also cycle through some of the available colors, depending on if the device is in multiple states.  For example, if there is an HSPA connection, and the device is charging, the indicator will flash both violet and amber.  If an SMS message is then received by the device, the device will add cyan to the sequence.  This may also apply to network connection type.  Example: Device may originally indicate Violet for HSDPA but when connected to UMTS will change to BLUE.  
  • When troubleshooting connectivity states, ensure the device is not charging, to easily determine the connection LED.
  • The connection LED will only go solid if the Mifi's connection to network is active as indicated by  'Connected' near the signal bars in upper right corner of landing page."  
    If the landing page indicates 'Disconnected' the connection LED will continue to flash once a device is connected to the Mifi's wifi network. 


The battery will last for up to four hours. Charge the battery by plugging in the AC adapter or optional car charger. While the battery is charging the Power/Connection LED will flash amber. When the battery is fully charged, it will be solid amber.