How to service MiFi 2200 Solid Red Light Problem

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I have a new MiFi Verizon 2200.  I downloaded the VZAM software, hooked it up to the USB, but can only get a SOLID RED light.  The same is true on the wall charger and on the car charger. Master reset button did not help.  Reloading vzam software did not help.  Different computer with different operating system did not help. Windows 7 troubleshooting does not get a response from the modem query (the only diagnostic I could find).

From reading previous posts, it sounds like either a dead battery problem or the MiFi 2200 itself is broken.  How do I approach getting service?

My 2200 had the same problem.  I found that you need at least a 1.2A wall charger or cigarette 12v charger for the unit to even begin charging.  Have you checked the amp output of your charger?  Even then you need to let it sit for a while to go to amber then green.

Thanks for the reply - it triggered an idea that worked.


I set the battery up on the bench, and hit it with about an amp for a few seconds (pins #1 and #4). 

That brought up the green power button when I put it back in.


Now, it maintains OK on the wall charger as you implied, the charger is barely capable of charging the battery.


But I now seem to have a different problem - no status light, no matter what I try.  I think I'll start a new question for that .