Google Glass Won't Charge

It's in a deep-discharge state. Google has run into this a number of time across all of their units. See below for details:


  • Google Glass V1 or V2


Glass unit is turned off and won't accept a charge when plugged in to a 1.2A or 2.1A USB outlet. When the device is plugged in, the power indicator is illuminated. Within a short period, up to five seconds, the power indicator turns off. Leaving the device in this state will not charge the device. It appears that the device is bricked.

Quick Solution:

Keep the device powered-down and unplugged for a day. Then, plug them back in to the wall for an hour. Finally, try turning the device on.

Long Solution:

If the Quick Solution doesn't solve the problem, try the following steps prescribed by Google:

  1. Plug the device into the wall charger (not just the PC/laptop USB port).
  2. Leave the device plugged in for about an hour.
  3. Unplug the device after an hour and plug right back in.
  4. Repeat the above steps several times over the course of several hours.
  5. Leave device plugged in overnight.

Google Glass has a power state bug that appears when the battery is at low power. The known solution is to let the device fully drain to 0% power prior to a charge-and-boot cycle.

Google Glass Will Not Turn On

If Google Glass hasn’t been plugged in to charge for a few days, then it could have lost its battery charge and may not turn on. If Google Glass is refusing to turn on due to a few days of not charging, it needs to be plugged in the wall overnight. After an overnight charge, it should turn on via a simple press of the power button.

Calibrate the Battery

Occasionally the battery inside Google Glass will get a bit wonky and will not allow you to get a ton of usage out of it. If Google Glass ever seems like it is only providing a few hours worth of usage, then the battery should definitely be calibrated.

Calibrating the battery inside Google Glass is pretty easy. The device just needs to be used until the battery is depleted and recharged two times. After that, the battery should be providing a more reasonable amount of usage.

Infrequent Use Issue


Glass doesn't turn on when the power is pressed. It doesn't respond to the camera button, or folding/unfolding.

Fixes per Google

Perform a hard reset

  • Close the hinge
  • With the device unplugged, do a "reset"
    • Do a long press and hold (15 second hold) of the power button, then release it.
    • Wait 5 seconds
    • Plug in the device (hinge still folded) to a known good usb charger, at least 1Amp, (our supplied one) or if available a 2Amp charger.
    • Ensure plug is in the right orientation in the charger, you should see the light on the back of the pod light up, you may see the screen come on.
    • Ignore the device - let it sit overnight if possible, if not, at least a few hours. Over this time you will most likely see "GLASS" on the display.

Now that it has had a few hours to charge after a reset, let's look at it.

  • Is it hot, warm or cold?
  • What is the indicator light at the back of the pod doing?
  • Is the screen on? If so, what is it displaying?

If the screen is off try the following:

  • Does it respond to tap? (ping sound or screen comes on?)
  • Does it respond to closing and then opening the hinge? (sound or screen change)
  • Does it respond to the camera button? (sound or screen change)

If the screen is on but still showing "GLASS" or the screen is off and the device is unresponsive, then try the following:

  • Unplug it.
  • Do a long press & hold (15 seconds) of the power button, the screen will go off, the indicator light will go off, release the button.
  • Wait 5 seconds
  • Open the hinge

Does the indicator light come on or the screen light up?
- If it does, let it be for 5 min. and see if it gets to the home screen.
- Press the power button for 2 seconds, the device should power up.

Does the indicator light come on and the screen light up now?

  • If it continues to boot and get's to the home screen, you're done.
  • If no lights or screen, send it to us for recovery
  • If screen comes on but it is still at "GLASS" after 10 minutes
    • plug it in to a known host.

Does it show up when you issue the command "adb devices" on the host?

  • If it can be seen under adb but never leaves the "GLASS" screen, you should be able to manually reflash it. Follow the instructions for flashing on the partner site.
  • If it cannot be seen with adb and the screen is off or at "GLASS", then send it to us for recovery.